Euthanasia victims

List of the names of the euthanasia victims


Concerning the list of names of the euthanasia victims

Meseritz-Obrawalde, Hadamar, Brandenburg, Bernburg, Hartheim or Waldniel, are the most frequent crime scenes of killing Wuppertal patients during the Nazi era. The victims of the so-called Euthanasia murders came from all classes; they were children, adults and very old people. The people killed were political and Jewish internees of concentration camps, forced labourers as well as patients from forensics and the »Heil- und Pflegeanstalten«. The list of murdered persons also includes numerous former inmates of the home for old people »Lutherstift« and »Wikingerstasse«. So far 315 euthanasia victims from Wuppertal are known by name. The dark figure, however is very high owing to the fact that the fate of patients »transferred« often remained unclear.

Likewise date and place of death often remained unclear because the murderers and their bureaucracy intentionally manipulated the date, the cause and the place of death. On the one hand to cover up the accumulation of fatalities in extermination centres like Hadamar; and on the other one to obtain funds surreptitiously from benefactors with wrong and delayed billing as well as to appropriate the estate of the dead undisturbed by friends and family.

Hence the dates and places of death as well as locations of grave and death certificates are in many cases incorrect and manipulated. Therefore the places and dates of transferral are also supplied, at least as far as researchable.