Jewish Women and Men

List of Jewish Women and Men


This list is incomplete, the biographies fragmentary and maybe even incorrect. The dates of death, the places of death and above all the causes of death have often been falsified by the murderers and their bureaucrats. In the case of many Wuppertal Jews their tracks are lost following their deportation to Izbica, Minsk and Lodz. The majority of those deported to Izbica was assassinated within the scope of the lethal»Operation Reinhardt" in the gas chambers of Sobibor, Belzec and Treblinka. The Jews deported to Minsk and Riga were shot months later within the course of the »dissolution« of the ghettos standing on the edges of mass graves, they had been forced to dig themselves. Those who managed to survive the Łódź Ghetto were gassed later on in the Chełmno extermination camp.


In many cases the murderers have not even made the names of their victims known; they have been killed somewhere in the woods, in the gas chambers or in the antitank ditches. Their bodies were either burned in crematories or (sometimes with considerable effort) exhumed from mass graves and cremated in order to cover the tracks of the mass murder.


Above all the victims of the death factories of the »Operation Reinhardt« in Sobibor, Belzec and Treblinka remain often nameless; their track is lost after deportation to Izbica and Kraków. Hence stating Izbica and Kraków as »place of death« is merely an approximation. Often it was necessary to resort to the problematical term »missing«.


It proved especially difficult to follow the further path of life of those approximately 200 Jews from Wuppertal, who had been dumped in October 1938 on Polish border at Zbąszyń within the scope of the »deportation« of the so-called Ostpolen (ethnic Poles).


Hence we rely on your help to shed further light in the fate of the people deported and missing.