Digital Book of Commemoration

This digital book of commemoration is dependend on your support. We’d like to ask those who possess photographs, videos, diaries or documents to write an e-mail to us or to upload them by means of the commentary function. We’ll check any information as soon as possible and put them online. The list is not completed, the biographies are somewhat fragmentary or may be partly erroneous. Often the dates of death and especially the causes for death were forged by the murderers and their bureaucrats. In many cases the killers did not even indicate the names of their victims, they were anonymously killed in some forest, in the gas chambers and in antitank ditches. Their bodies were burnt in the crematories or, in other cases, first exhumed from mass graves and then burnt to leave no traces of the mass murder. Here for the first time are documented the names of inhabitants of Wuppertal, who became victims of the nazis, in fact of every group of nazi victims from Wuppertal.

The “Wuppertaler” whose names are shown here and whose biographical dates we intend to collect here did move to Wuppertal from everywhere in the world. According to our definition “Wuppertal” nazi victims are those people who are related to Wuppertal, who were born or died in Wuppertal and who lived at least for some time in Wuppertal. Mentioned, too, are victims of the military justice who were sentenced to death in Wuppertal and executed in Dortmund or Cologne. “Wuppertaler” might be Ukrainians, French, inhabitants of Hamburg or of Minsk. Also enlisted for example are allied soldiers whose planes were shot down above Wuppertal and American soldiers who died during the liberation of Wuppertal.